Introducing Hürsan

HÜRSAN A.Ş., was founded in 1975 by mechanical engineer ALİ ARAPTARLI.

As a result of the fuel shortage of 1970’s, Hürsan set out to produce an alternative and aesthetically pleasing heater and became the first company in Turkey to manufacture fireplaces in an industrial way.

The understanding of fireplaces primarily as a heating device spread in Turkey with fireplace inserts industrially produced by Hürsan. In time, old style fireplaces built by masons that mostly did not work properly, gave off smoke and didn’t heat well gave way to well-engineered, efficient and safe Hürsan Fireplace inserts.

Hürsan Fireplaces, chosen by all the leading construction companies of Turkey in their projects both domestic and overseas, continues to lead the sector with its production functionality, high material quality and diversity.

Hürsan today is the largest fireplace manufacturer in Turkey.

Hürsan Fireplaces factory is an integrated facility consisting of a foundry, an iron forge, a marble shop, carpentry shop and a paint shop. Every stage of the production is performed by highly qualified and experienced personnel on a varied and technologically mechanized production line.

With 160 types of fireplace inserts and over 800 different surround designs, Hürsan Fireplaces is the manufacturer with the widest product range in its sector in Europe

Furthermore, after a detailed architectural design and engineering process with the customers who want to create their own custom made fireplaces they have designed themselves or just dreamed about, personalized productions are realized in any style.

Hürsan Fireplaces products are on sale in over 65 locations in Turkey and many places abroad including France, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Macedonia, Kosovo, Morocco, Mongolia, Israel, Georgia, Sweden, Slovenia, and N. Cyprus. Known as the fireplace supplier of celebrities in our country, Hürsan had the privilege to install its products in residences of ten presidents and leaders; four in Turkey and six abroad.

Hürsan Fireplaces, with its nearly half a century of experience, young and dynamic staff, constantly improving technology and renewed collections, aims to be the largest fireplace manufacturer in the Middle East and the Balkans.