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Why a wood-burning fireplace insert?

In the fireplace sector today, products operated with various fuels and energies mainly with natural gas, liquid fuel bio-ethanol and electricity are produced beside the wood powered ones.The wood powered fireplaces are the models described as “real fireplaces” which are still mostly preferred.

Why an ethanol fireplace insert?

Ethanol is a natural liquid fuel obtained from plant roots, giving no harm to health and respiration. This liquid fuel is filled in a fuel tank called a burner and is able to be combusted with the strike of a match.It does not need many details required by a wood-burning fireplace in the space where you desire the fireplace to be built. 

Why a Natural Gas Fireplace insert?

Natural Gas Fireplaces are products providing you with comfort which you can turn on and off by means of pushing one button and the flame intensity of which may be adjusted with a remote control. The ceramic wood sets present in the insert become red with the effect of flames and therefore provides a natural appearance.

Why an Electric Fireplace insert?

Another significant factor having an impact on the heating capacity in fireplace inserts is glass door systems. Today’s closed system fireplace inserts are divided into two groups as glass door system inserts either sliding sideways and operated as elevator systems. 

Why a central fireplace?

Central fireplaces are preferred especially in wider spaces as they enable you to watch the flames from anywhere you sit and as they have higher heating capacity.In our central fireplace productions, we have products with open systems without glass doors, elevator systems or sliding glass door systems.

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How many types of fireplaces are available?

Basically, we can divide fireplaces in two main parts: the insert where the fuel is combusted and the surround which is the decorative part.Fireplace inserts may be listed in two different styles as closed ...

Fireplace inserts and the materials used

Today, fireplace inserts are usually made of casting and firebricks. The quality standards and thickness of the casting are directly linked to the heating capacity to be generated by your fireplace and its durability against long periods of combustion. 

Disadvantage of open system fireplace inserts

In the open system, the great extent of the energy generated in the fireplace inserts without glass doors is emitted to the atmosphere through the chimney. These inserts are generally used for heating the limited area in front of the fireplace instead of heating the whole space. 

The glass door system in fireplace inserts

Another significant factor having an impact on the heating capacity in fireplace inserts is glass door systems. Today’s closed system fireplace inserts are divided into two groups as glass door system inserts either sliding sideways and operated as elevator systems. 

Elevator glass door system

The fireplace inserts with elevator glass door system which are mostly preferred throughout the world among the closed system inserts are ideal to hear the sputtering of the burning wood at times when you stay closer to the fire, only by lifting the glass door. 

The criteria to be taken into account with elevator glass door systems

The most important criteria you should take into account while choosing your elevator glass door system fireplace is how sensitive the system works. These are systems with lightweight doors working so smoothly that you can lift and close them with your single finger. 

Glass types to be used in the fireplace

The glass types used in your fireplace should be resistant against high temperature and fire, not breaking or cracking due to hot and cold temperature differences and allowing heat transfer. Glass types which are not resistant against hot and cold temperature differences are bound to crack in time. 

Other specifications that should be present in a fireplace insert

Beside the basic specifications such as the quality of casting or brick combustion firebox and the safety of the glass door system, there should be various features in a functional and aesthetic insert to increase the efficiency and pleasure you will get from your fireplace... 

What is a heat room?

After your selected insert is placed in a flat or corner wall in your place, it is taken in a cage formed by box profiles. All internal surfaces of this cage including the ceiling of this cage are covered with aluminum foil and 110 density rock wool plates.

What should be taken into account while building a heat room?

The quality of the materials to be used in building the heat room to be applied on the insert you will be choosing, constitutes many important factors in getting the desired efficiency from your fireplace. The quality of the rock wool used in the insulation of the heat room is important.


The diameter calculation of the chimney should be done correctly to ensure the best efficiency of your fireplace. Even the world's best quality fireplace cannot operate with a chimney having a diameter smaller than required; it will give out smoke. 

Chimney Types

Flexible or flat module flue pipes: If you have a chimney shaft with appropriate dimensions in your building or villa; a 316L quality stainless steel, single piece, jointless should be inserted in the chimney shaft extending from the chimney outlet to open air.

On-roof Chimney and the head

The on-roof chimney should at least be 50cm or if possible 1 meter higher than the roof ridge or the nearest highest structure. A higher structure located close to the chimney prevents the sound suction of the chimney. 

Fireplace surrounds and the issues to be considered

Fireplace surrounds are basically made of materials such as marble, granite, natural stone, wood and similar materials in modern, rustic, classic and demi-classic styles. 

The illusive dance of fire

Who does not fall for the lively rhythm of flames and day dream? The charm of fire, the serenity of the soul and mind games... The mostly desired toy in winter... The weather gets colder. Summer has ended earlier that year! It always comes to an end earlier than it should and the weather instantly turns bad!

No limits in customization!

Products customizable in many fields from fashion to decoration, from white goods to mobile phones have taken their places in our lives while the fireplaces assumed not to go out of certain ranges in designs have also started to keep up with modernization. 

Liquid fuel bio-ethanol powered flueless fireplaces

Bio-ethanol is a liquid fuel obtained from natural plants such as sugar canes, potato, beet and banana. Thanks to its herbal nature, it does no harm to health, respiration and to the environment. It does not require the installation of ant chimney and therefore does not cause any soot and smoke.

Electric Fireplaces

These products are the fireplaces operated with electricity instead of wood, gas and bio-ethanol, providing visual flame effects and having a limited heating capacity (1000-2000W). The reason why electric fireplaces are preferred in the first place is that they are decorative.

Natural Gas Fireplaces

Gas fired fireplaces are products operating by using LPG or natural gas. In the natural gas fireplace market growing day by day, the European companies in particular are expanding their product ranges. 

How to determine the form of the fireplace and where to locate it.

While determining where to locate your fireplace, the most definitive factor is the place of the chimney or if you do not have already have one, where to install it. The most ideal fireplace chimney is the one which extends in an upright position until it reaches open air without any narrow or wide parts.

What to take into consideration while defining the price of a fireplace?

The price of your fireplace is based on basic items such as the fireplace insert, chimney, heat room, surround and the assembly fee. The dimension options and various qualities for all these items and pricing options depending on these are available.

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The story of a Hürsan Fireplace Insert Production...

Hursan, starting its journey with the aim of manufacturing an alternative and aesthetic heating device powered by solid fuel due to the impact of shortage of fuel experienced in 1970s, is the first company in Turkey which industrially realized the manufacturing of fireplaces.

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  • Super Flamm Ethanol Fireplaces

    Bio-ethanol Super Flamm portable and flueless fireplaces with their unique designs and which are produced to be used both indoors and outdoors will enable you to create a warm and romantic atmosphere at each corner of your house with their satisfying flames, stylish appearances and highly practical usage.

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  • Imported Fireplace Stoves

    The fireplace stoves of Jotul, which is the biggest stove manufacturer in the world, are now in the product range of Hürsan Fireplace. The visual richness and quality of Jotul Fireplace Stoves will seduce you with their models awarded with the 2007 Reddot product design reward. 

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  • Bio-ethanol fireplaces (Flueless)

    Hürsan Fireplace has started its production of the new generation bio-ethanol fireplaces which do not require any chimney and which do not cause any odour, smoke and soot. Ethanol fireplaces with various dimensions and models are ideal for spaces where no chimney exists.

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  • Wood-Fired Ovens

    Australian Backyard wood-fired ovens presents the unique taste of cooking your meals with the heat of the burning wood. Thanks to its rolling feature, it will provide a stylish atmosphere to your taste of meals in your garden, terrace or balcony. 

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  • The most stylish Outdoor Heaters in the World

    Have the pleasure to rest outdoors with FALO, the most aesthetic, romantic and the hottest outdoor heater in the world. Its stylish appearance increasing the appeal of any atmosphere it is in, its heating capacity reaching 30 m. and its remote control option will bring you the best comfort.

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  • The importance of real fireplace photographs

    Hürsan Fireplace catalogues and all photographs publish in its website are the ones that were shot in the places where we completed our projects. We hereby would like to thank all of our customers who were a great help for us to create this portfolio.

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