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Free your imagination in the kitchen thanks to the ingenious «PANEPIZZA» patented device. A single large door encloses two independent ovens: manage as much heat as you want, the upper oven is able to exploit higher temperatures thanks to a dedicated smoke path.  Both ovens have a soapstone base and a dedicated thermometer. Water, baking powder and flour and a little magic happens in the house. Three seemingly very simple ingredients able to create something incredibly special and fragrant, which unites the whole family.

Heatable area

74 m².

1 - Smoke outlet Ø 130mm

2 - Smoothed cast iron cooking plate together with cast iron rings

3 - Cast iron frame

4 - «PANEPIZZA» technology: patented devices to control the temperature of two oven

5 - Secondary air modulation devices

6 - Cast iron firebox door

7 - Cast iron firebox (HxWxD - 296x305x453

8 - Loading opening  (WxH - 284x273)

9 - Upper enamelled oven with lava stone base (HxWxD - 100x323x433)

10 - Lower enamelled oven in lava stone with dripping-pan (HxWxD 252x323x433)

11 - Tools compartment

12 - Cast iron ash collecting base