Ionica Timextend Maiolica
PRICE: 5440 € + VAT

Wood-burning stove equipped with thermic inertial accumulation, it performs to an efficiency of more than (wood 85,3% / wood hp 83,5%), Firebox covered by HEATSTONE®. TimeXtend® technology: thermic inertial accumulation designed to recover and retain the combustion heat. TimeXtend® is distinguished by 4 smoke output channels, derived from heavy fire-resistant material mono block. The transition of hot smokes through the 4 channels performs a thermic exchange which is double more than other one-channel solutions. Thanks to its thermic block, the heat is held back during the combustion phase, afterwards gradually released over several hours, also after the fire is extinguished.

Heatable area

71 m².

1 - Primary, secondary and tertiary air modulation devices

2 - Smoke by-pass technology reduces the smoke outlet to the living zone before every wood load

3 - Precious handmade majolica by master craftsmen

4 - TimeXtend® technology: thermic inertial accumulation thanks to the exclusive 4 channels. The heat is recovered and gradually released towards several hours,  also after the fire is extinguished

5 - Cast iron and glass inlayed firebox door

6 - Large combustion chamber (HxLxD-342x282x382)

7 - Ash collecting base