Bosky Chef Fiori
PRICE: 2.900 € + VAT

Wood cooker Bosky Chef-F fiori: if you want the best in wood fired cooking, this is it. High technology, Thermorossi ingenuity and all the experience gained in over 45 years of cooker manufacturing have gone into the production of our latest range of cookers and we are proud to introduce the Bosky Chef.

Heatable area

108 m².

1 - Stainless steel cooking plate. Optional: cast iron rings  and vitrified cooking plate

2 - Lateral handrail (optional)

3 - Large combustion chamber (HxLxD-376x266x416)

4 - Cool touch door handle

5 - Secondary air control

6 - Precious handmade majolica by master craftsmenPreziosa maiolica artigianale

7 - Removable ash tray

8 - «Easy cleaning» technology

9 - Primary air control